My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

These are some of my personal go-to's, I want to share them with you. Every thing below is something that I use daily (or close to it).

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FREE Custom Sage Goddess Downloadable Lunar Cycles Screensaver. I love this one for my phone lock screen.
Palo Santo smudge stick for clearing illness or negativity
Green Aventurine Bracelets for abundance, growth, and prosperity
Red Jasper Mala Bracelets for Root Chakra fortitude
Possibly the best place to get pure, high quality essential oils that I have found.

My top 3 ‘must-have’ essential oils come from Sage Goddess. I’ve listed them below. I cannot imagine NOT having these in my home anymore! Lavender is my work-horse of oils. Lemongrass is my preference when I make household cleaners and Sandalwood is fast becoming my signature scent.

Well if you know me at all you HAD to know this would be on the list! Lavender or Lavandula officinalis – A distinctly sweet, floral, herbaceous scent Basic Powers – Peace-bringing, calming, relaxing
Lemongrass Essential Oil or Cymbopogon flexuosus. Scent – Citrus, a strong fresh-grass and lemony. Basic Powers – Stress-relieving, focus-enhancing, energizing, encourages acceptance and forgiveness
Sandalwood Essential Oil or Santalum album. Truly this is the best smelling Sandalwood I have found. It is my go-to daily scent. Scent – Woody. Basic Powers – Journey work, calming, anti-anxiolytic.

And now for some favorite books!

This is a classic for a reason! For Artists, creatives and those passionate about a beautiful life.
This book is so honest and straight it's like listening to your best friend tell you how it is.
One of the BEST by Brene Brown!